DAY AND NIGHT blanket | orange × light blue M/L





Lサイズは大判の縦長デザインなので、ソファやベッドにもかけられるサイズです。折り返して表、裏どちらの柄も見えるように使うこともできます。 綿100%でできているので素肌に当たっても肌触りがよく、柔らかい使い心地です。



DAY AND NIGHTは表と裏で柄が変化するテキスタイルです。表は昼、裏は夜のイメージで、人々や動物の生活が変化します。 気分に合わせて表裏どちらでもお使いいただけます。

Product details EN

◯about a blanket

Reversible summer blanket with different patterns on the front and back.

The M size has a horizontally long design. And it is good for hanging on the shoulder or folding in half to use as a lap blanket. It can be used in a variety of situations in summer, such as windshields for air conditioners.

The L size has a large vertical design and can be used as a sofa cover or bed cover. It can be folded over so that both the front and back patterns are visible. Made of 100% cotton. It is soft and it has great touch.

◯about "DAY AND NIGHT"

Reversible summer blanket with different patterns on the front and back. On the front side, you can see the various lives of people and animals during the daytime. When you reverse the blanket, you will also find their lives during the nighttime. There are subtle differences between the day and night. You can enjoy the either sides according to your mood of the moment.


M size 147cm×67cm
L size 180cm×147cm





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