《GIFT BOX》ONDO blanket M



ONDO blanketのMサイズが入ったギフトボックスです。YURI HIMUROオリジナル包装紙でお包みしてお届けいたします。(箱サイズ:24cm×35cm×3cm) 「green × pink」「blue × red」「gray × navy」の3色の中からお選びください。



表と裏で柄が違うリバーシブルのサマーブランケットです。 Mサイズは横長のデザインなので、肩にかけたり半分に折ってひざ掛けにするのにちょうどいいサイズです。冷房の風よけなど夏の様々なシーンで活躍します。 綿100%でとても肌当たりが良く、軽いのでオフィスやレジャーへの持ち運びにも便利です。



ONDOは表と裏で柄が変化するテキスタイルです。表は夏、裏は冬のイメージで、歩く人々の服装や持ち物が変化します。 気分に合わせて表裏どちらでもお使いいただけます。


Product details  EN

○about a gift set

ONDO blanket M size is packed in a gift box. It is wrapped up with YURI HIMURO original wrapping paper.(box size:24cm×35cm×3cm) You can choose from three colors: "green x pink", "blue x red", and "gray x navy".


◯about a blanket

Reversible summer blanket with different patterns on the front and back. The M size has a horizontally long design. And it is good for hanging on the shoulder or folding in half to use as a lap blanket. It can be used in a variety of situations in summer, such as windshields for air conditioners. Made from 100% cotton, it feels great touching and it is light. And it is convenient to carry around at the office or for leisure.


◯about "ONDO"

Reversible cotton blanket with different patterns on the front and back. On the front side, you see the people walking in summer. When you reverse the blanket, you will notice something different about their cloths and fashion items. They all reflect the change in season. You can enjoy the either summer side and winter sides according to your mood of the moment.



blanket 147cm×67cm
(box size:24cm×35cm×3cm)





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