○ 靴下について




○ 売上の一部は公益財団法人・日本自然保護協会へ寄付されます。
○ トレーサビリティの取れた、オーガニックコットンを使用しています。
○ 古くから靴下の一大産地である、奈良県の靴下工場で丁寧に編み立てられた国産企画となります。


※ 糸の飛び出しが見られる場合があります。ループ状の物は生地を優しくつまんで上下左右に引っ張り戻すか、切れ端状の物は引っ張らずにハサミで丁寧にカットしてください。
※ 裏側に糸のループ部があります。着脱時に爪などを引っ掛けない様にご注意ください。


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○about socks

These socks are a collaboration with the sock brand bpbp.

  These socks feature the “BLOOM” plant motif, with the ankle serving as a bold dividing line between the flowers and the stems and grasses, so you can enjoy the change in how your feet look when you put on and take off your shoes.

MARGUERITE socks feature a marguerite motif.


○  A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Nature Conservation Society of Japan.

○ All socks are made with traceable organic cotton.

○ This project is part of a Made in Japan campaign, with all socks being carefully woven at a sock factory in Nara Prefecture, which has long been a major center for sock production.


*In some cases, threads may be found popping out of the socks. For looped threads, gently pinch the material and pull it in all directions until it goes back through, or cut the thread carefully with scissors without pulling it out.

*You will find looped threads on the inside of the socks. Please be careful not to catch your fingernails on the them when putting on or taking off the socks.




cotton / nylon / polyester / polyurethane



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