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リバーシブルの生地になっていて、表の花柄と裏の葉柄が合わさることで美しい植物のパターンが生まれます。 ウール100%の緯糸を使用し、柔らかく心地よい肌触りになっています。 「WISTERIA blue」は青色のフジの花と葉からパターンをデザインしました。




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○about "BLOOM"

This collection includes a full array of vivid and impactful flower patterns in front, and on the backside is a textile with its stems and leaf patterns.

YURI designed the textile from its weaving mechanism in order to show the different patterns in the front and backside of the textile. The beautiful flowers and leaves that thrive on the textiles of the BLOOM collection are not printed but weaved creatively.

The selection of 100% wool material and the shrinking technique is a perfect match to create soft and smooth blankets. When YURIʼs blankets are casually hung on a bed or a sofa, a beautiful pattern of plants enters into awareness, randomly showing the flowery side of the textile while its back displays leaves and stems. Yuri designed this collection in hopes to place natural beauty with a certain level of presence in our everyday lives.


M size 130cm×130cm
L size 130cm×200cm
※Each blanket may have a manufacturing tolerance of up to ±10cm in size.





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